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Group Information
Title Tvind
Founder Mogens Amdi Peterse, est. 1967
Description ALSO KNOWN AS:
- Humana
- Humana People to People
- Development Aid From People To People
- Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo
- Alandhjaelp Fra Folk Til Folk
- Institute For International Co-Operation And Development
- Planet Aid
- College For International Co-Operation And Development
- One World Institute
- One World Volunteer Institute
- Det Noedvendige Seminar
- The Necerssary Teacher Teaching College
- Den Rejsende Folkehoejskole
- The Traveling Pholk High School
- Boernehjaelpeprogrammet
- NetUp
- Hope
- Holland House
An investigation into Humana People-to-People. the Teachers Group and the international Tvind movement

Denmark's Tvind

Enigma of The Leader

Brief information on Tvind

TVind Statement by Professor Alan Somerset

TVind - Humana's Hot Money
(articles, videos, information)
Tvind - Green Boxes Disappear from Streets amid Fraud Allegations

Tvind - Donating Clothes To Charity Now A Big Business

Tvind - Danish court convicts 1, acquits 7, in fraud case involving humanitarian groups

Tvind - Crossing Continents – Denmark’s Tvind