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Errant Belief #1: There’s No Such Thing as Mind Control

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Refuting Errant Beliefs You will need to know how to address other people’s misconceptions and, eventually, you will have to articulate these issues to the cult member as well. To help prepare you, I have identified ten of the most common fallacies about mind control cults.  Today, I will discuss the first one.  Errant Belief [...]

How Can I Rescue My Child From a Cult?

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How Can I Rescue My Child From a Cult? Whether you are looking for help for your son or daughter, your brother or sister, mother or father, or husband or wife, my advice is to do your homework, first.  In the coming weeks, I plan to share the errant beliefs I wrote about in my book, [...]

How Jehovah’s Witness Teachings Can Damage Brain Development in Children

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Introduction In my decades of work with helping those born into high control groups, the effects are usually quite devastating. Despite the conditions in which young people are raised, I have also seen remarkable courage and resiliency to overcome their childhood trauma, especially if they can receive proper support and counseling. I have blogged before about [...]

2018: Looking Forward to Helping People to Help Themselves and Others

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Combating Cult Mind Control For over forty years, I have endeavored to help people understand my own cult experience- being recruited into a front group of the Moonies in 1974 while a student at Queens College in New York.  This year, on November 18th, 2018, my book Combating Cult Mind Control will be 30 years [...]