Just recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast entitled “Modern Cults (Are Scarier Than Jonestown)” by Jack O’Brien of Cracked.com.

The show was a long one, and in the first segment author Karen Stollznow discussed why America is such a good breeding ground for cults. I particularly liked that she discussed, as a linguist, that speaking in tongues is glossolalia and there was not a shred of evidence that people are speaking in a language of any kind. It is interesting that there are many millions of people doing this altered state of consciousness practice, believing it is a sign of divine connection.

During the second segment, Jack and I discussed everything from my past with the Moonies to the present situation with ISIS. I was given the opportunity to explain many of the concepts I discuss in my books and my lectures, and to respond to the questions Jack had prepared for me.

Though I have done hundreds of international-level interviews, I feel this one was particularly good, as it was clear that Jack had read Combating Cult Mind Control thoroughly. This was especially refreshing since issues surrounding cults are important and often ignored by mainstream media and he seemed to have a sincere interest in the subject.

Two of the missions of Freedom of Mind are to educate the public about the dangers of cult influence and advise people to be informed consumers. By making appearances such as this, I am optimistic that we are achieving some of what we set out to do. The topics of cults and undue influence are not topics that should only be discussed in scholarly or religious circles. They are real-life issues that need to be a part of the national dialogue. It is my hope that my work continues to gain this type of recognition and that it brings about some real change when it comes to the public’s view of cults and undue influence.

Again, I’d like to thank Jack O’Brien and his team at Cracked.com for the opportunity to share my knowledge. Please take the time to listen in and if you want to cut to where my interview begins it is around the 50 minute mark. Depending on your device, it may be easier to download the show first and then listen.

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