Child-Friendly Faith Project Conference November 8, 2013

When Janet approached me with her book, Breaking Their Will, and the Child-Friendly Faith Project, she asked me to join the Board of Advisors which I happily agreed to do.

The Child-Friendly Faith Project (CFFP) is a non-profit organization focused on ending child abuse and neglect within religion affiliated groups by educating the public on the impact that these religious, cultural, and spiritual beliefs have on children. CFFP is holding a conference November 8th in Austin, TX to help educate the public on child maltreatment within religious organizations. There will be a variety of experts in attendance from law professionals, to religious and spiritual leaders, to healthcare professionals and therapists.

Watch a short video on upcoming CFFP Conference with Founder Janet Heimlich and Steve Hassan. CFFP Video Promotion

During the conference there will be several lectures on children and religious faiths and there will be a discussion on how to make faith child friendly which is accompanied by a panel of child maltreatment survivors to tell their stories and answer questions. Ultimately, the goal of this conference is to create a safe environment that will allow people to open up and work together to confront this issue.

This is the first time that such a variety of experts are gathering together to talk and educate others on child maltreatment and how to end this kind abuse and neglect. Please join me at this conference on November 8th to learn more and help make a difference.