Helen Christophi, a freelance journalist working on an article for Political Research Associates about the January 6th failed insurrection attempt, contacted me for an interview. Christophi was interested in cult involvement (particularly the Moon cult) in the planning and execution of that event. One of her most pertinent questions was how the GOP became so intertwined with the Moonies in particular, as well as, with authoritarian Christian cults in general.

An Unholy Alliance: The Moon Organization and the GOP Attempt to Destroy Democracy

Cult involvement in the GOP and the political activities of right-wing, authoritarian groups and individuals go back well over 50 years to the Presidency of FDR. In order to fund the New Deal, FDR wanted to decouple the dollar from the gold standard. This idea was violently opposed by some wealthy industrialists such as Henry Ford, who was a virulent anti-Semite and believed white males should rule the world. A military coup to attempt to take over the government and destroy democracy was attempted. These elitists tried to recruit a General to lead the coup, but he refused to betray America. During this time and throughout the post-World War II years, anti-Communism was a major concern of the financial ruling elite who were the backbone of the political right.

Anti-Communist activities included operations in South Korea designed to counter the brainwashing and propaganda actions of North Korea. To assist in these efforts, Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church (“Moonies”) was recruited as a “proxy group” in South Korea. Sun Myung Moon was the consummate cult leader, a malignant narcissist who considered himself to be the messiah and engaged in sexual abuse of some of his followers. The Moonies were eventually brought to the United States to aid the right-wing conspiracy to destroy democracy and establish a one-party, Christian theocracy.

When Sun Myung Moon died in 2012, family discord over power and financial empire led to two offshoots led by two of Hak Ja Han’s (Moon’s widow) sons. The Rod of Iron Ministries is headed by Sean Moon, the youngest son. His mother, Hak Ja Han Moon, heads what is now known as Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Justin Moon owns the gun factory which includes Kahr Arms.

Sean Moon and numerous members of the Rod of Iron Ministries participated in the attack on the Capitol on January 6. Former President Trump spoke at a virtual 2022 Think Tank meeting held by the Federation for World Peace and Unification on September 11. Mike Pence, Pompeo, Gingrich, Falwell and Dick Cheney have also spoken at previous events organized by the Federation.

Numerous Christian Groups Seek to Establish an Authoritarian Theocracy

The world view of the Moonies and that of many authoritarian Christian cultic groups such as The Family and New Apostolic Reformation are similar. Other religious groups adhere to Dominionist Theology and Seven Mountain Mandate, as well as, other theologies that are based in Christian white supremacy. They all seek to destroy the separation of church and state. They seek to impose their version of freedom of religion which has no regard for the human rights of non-believers, other religions, women, and gays that are fundamental to American democracy. All of these groups advocate for the establishment of a fundamentalist Christian theocracy.

To what extent the United States government, particularly the CIA and other “black ops” groups, might be involved in the move toward an authoritarian government is something that can be surmised but certainly not yet proven by investigators. However, it is important to recognize that attempts to deny freedom to vast numbers of citizens and the drive to conquer and colonize is not new. In fact, the concept of human rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is a fairly new concept in the span of human history.

Our modern, technologically advanced world provides new tools that can be used by authoritarian individuals and groups. The internet and the ability for social media platform’s ability to gather incredible amounts of personal data is a prime example. We need to develop better ways to protect individuals from the easy manipulation that can occur through social media and the internet in general. We need more comprehensive education in civics, giving everyone an understanding of how government works and the importance of participation in a democratic society.

Also critical is public education that focuses on understanding the easy manipulation of information and use of undue influence in the media. Without a well-informed and knowledgeable public, bad actors of every kind can continue to erode our precious rights and easily move us toward an authoritarian, fundamental Christian-dominated society.

Video Interview: Helen Christophi & Dr. Steven Hassan


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