Helping Folks Exit The Cult of Trump: The #IGotOut Movement

Do you have friends or family members who are believers in QAnon or the Cult of Trump? Are you surprised by this and wonder how this could have ever happened? Under the right circumstances, even sane, rational, well-adjusted people can be deceived and persuaded to believe the most outrageous ideas and leader. President Trump uses the same deceptive psychological techniques that cult leaders do (cult leader’s playbook) that influence his devoted followers’ behavior, information, thoughts, and emotions. (Learn more about the BITE model of Authoritarian Control.)

I have previously shared strategic and helpful techniques for helping followers of Trump: The Definitive Guide to Helping People in the Cult of Trump but more can be done. We need to normalize being born or recruited into a destructive cult. If we as former members share our stories, current followers of QAnon and Trump supporters may begin to question if they, too, are being influenced.

It is an errant belief that someone is too intelligent to join a cult. Intelligent people fall prey to cults. Creativity and imagination can be used to control a person and high-control groups target smart, dynamic people. It is not limited to the ignorant or desperate. Millions have been affected by controlling relationships, political cults, religious groups, MLM, and more.

As people leave the Cult of Trump (and other destructive groups), it is important to speak out. American Dignity PAC is about to release a documentary called “The Game is Up:  Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories” which is about Trump voters who now feel betrayed and lied to. I am proud to have been involved in this project. You can watch a few trailers that feature different stories that will be told in the film here. (Once live, the link to stream the project will be shared.) Donate to the project here.

The film features:
The Candidate – Congressman Joe Walsh
The Farmer – Christopher Gibbs
The Teen Republican – Batya Goldberg
The Veteran – David Weissman
The Evangelicals – Nathan Munson, and Ron and Cyndi Hawthorne
Steven Hassan, PhD
Dr. Dena Grayson, MD, PhD
Dr. John Schindler, PhD
Dr. Jen Mercieca
Reverend Doctor Jacqueline Lewis
Pastor Pat Kahnke (Ret)
Brian Kuehl – Farmers for Free Trade

American Dignity – An Introduction

In this film, disillusioned Trump supporters tell their stories. In order to create a wide runway for folks to exit without too much negative emotions, we are initiating a hashtag movement #IGotOut for victims of all kinds of undue influence cult situations–in the hope it will destigmatize and provide more of an off-ramp for QAnon and Trump believers. This is a call to action for all former members of all types of cults to come forward and tell their stories. This includes being in a dysfunctional and BITE model controlling relationship! Let’s normalize the fact that people can be deceived and manipulated and follow something that is actually harmful and filled with lies and abuse.
Please start using #iGotOut to tell your personal stories on whatever platform you choose: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Millions of people have left controlling groups of all kinds: spiritually abusive churches, cults, yoga or meditation centers, political, social, or self-help groups.

Why did they leave? For most, they realized the group or the leader was harming them or others. Realizing that they had been hoodwinked, that what they signed up for is not what they were receiving, they woke up. And got out.

What would happen if those of us who have experienced cultic abuse spoke up and told our story? It would eliminate the stigma and fear surrounding being part of these groups. As stories are amplified on social media, it is our hope that current members will see themselves in those stories and begin their process of waking up. And, most importantly, they will not feel alone and have a safe, supportive space to connect with others that can help.