Anthony Davis is a British broadcaster, journalist, and voiceover artist. He was born in London and has been based in Los Angeles since 2017, where he works remotely from his home studio with networks worldwide. Since November 2021, his collaborations with the MeidasTouch media network, including the Five-Minute News, The Weekend Show, and America Uncovered, have exploded his reach across the US as a trusted voice in news commentary. 

In the UK, he hosted Drivetime on the Smooth FM network for a national audience of 6 million listeners. For almost a decade prior, his nightly news talk program on LBC radio was London’s most popular late show. Anthony has voiced the 2021 Emmy award-winning Nike’ You Can’t Stop Us’ commercial, racking up over 50 million views on YouTube in just three days and winning the coveted Film Grand Prix in Cannes for best commercial. Anthony created the daily morning podcast Five Minute News, for which he won a 2021 Communicator Award from The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts in New York, a VEGA award for Best Host, a 2022 Gold MUSE award, and a 2023 W3 Gold award. 

Upon relocating to the United States, Anthony Davis discerned a void in the market for the fact-based journalistic approach prevalent in the UK. He observed a diminution of regulatory standards over decades, notably under the GOP’s influence, culminating in the normalization of disinformation, famously branded as ‘alternative facts’ by Kellyanne Conway during the Trump administration. 

Davis cites instances such as Sean Spicer’s falsifying crowd size during a press conference, which symbolizes his departure from journalistic integrity. This erosion of factual reporting has contributed to skepticism and confusion among the American public, highlighting the urgent need to return to evidence-based journalism.

Davis highlights concerning trends indicative of a decline in American democracy, citing the elevation of figures like Mike Johnson, a far-right Christian nationalist, and Pastor Jack Hibbs, whose inflammatory anti-trans rhetoric underscores the entanglement of religious extremism with political institutions.

Anthony argues that inviting religious far-right speakers into the very heart of American democracy shows the shift to unionize the right-wing church and state. Anthony feels America fell to a dictator when Trump’s misinformation about the election campaign was spread, and peaceful protestors in Portland were militarized. This erosion of democratic values poses a grave threat to the foundation of American governance, necessitating concerted efforts to safeguard the integrity of democratic institutions and uphold the principles of justice and equality upon which the Constitution was founded.

Drawing parallels with Russian propaganda tactics, Davis underscores the harmful effects of misinformation campaigns on public discourse and democratic processes. He advocates for enhanced media literacy and critical thinking skills to counteract the proliferation of false information, emphasizing the importance of discerning reputable sources amidst a landscape rife with misinformation. The propagation of misinformation represents a grave threat to the integrity of democratic governance, undermining public trust in institutions and fostering societal division and discord. Davis calls for a concerted effort to combat the spread of misinformation through education, media literacy programs, and the promotion of fact-based reporting.

The Influence Continuum and BITE model, as well as the characteristics of malignant narcissism, should be taught to everyone so that we can make clear, informed decisions that are not influenced by undue influence.

Trump states he did not instigate the insurrection and should not be denied presence on the ballot. Anthony argues that even the conversation surrounding whether Trump should be on the ballot if he provoked the insurrection must be the most significant news topic of the month. Even FOX News cannot escape covering the Supreme Court debating this. Many of Trump’s internal cabinet, even those who are part of the religious right, have spoken out against Trump. Trump’s former Attorney-General, Bill Barr, said he was ‘dangerous,’ ‘despicable’ and should not be near the presidency. 

Anthony and I agree that voting is crucial in halting the fall of democracy, as it is likely that Trump will be on the ballot. We, the American people, can stop his potential re-election. Anthony points out that everybody must be an activist to show up on polling day and cast their vote. The downside is that the electoral college system is skewed in favor of Republicans. There have been tricks in the background, such as gerrymandering and redrawing boundaries, which have given unfair advantages.

Alva Johnson was influential in the Trump 2016 campaign before she left and began speaking out after she was freed from the NDA she was told to sign. She talks of RVs driving to win over communities that were previously ignored. These were isolated populations who had never voted before. Alva’s vision is to reverse engineer Trump’s campaign tactics and register those who have never voted, empowering citizens to vote in line with their values.

Davis calls upon citizens to exercise their right to vote and actively participate in the democratic process, recognizing it as a fundamental tenet of citizenship and a bulwark against tyranny. Citizens’ values, not the party they support, should inform their vote. We should be voting for freedom and democracy rather than becoming distracted by controversial political leaders. 

Reflecting on his career in the US, Davis highlights the work of Jared Yates Sexton, whose critical analysis of neoliberalism and racial disparities offers profound insights into contemporary America. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the African American experience. He calls for a concerted effort to address systemic inequities perpetuated by institutional privilege. Davis advocates for a more inclusive and equitable society, one that recognizes and confronts the legacies of racial injustice and inequality that continue to shape American culture. He calls upon individuals to confront their own biases and privilege and to actively work towards dismantling systems of oppression and inequality.

Through his advocacy for fact-based journalism and civic participation, Davis exemplifies the indispensable role of media professionals in shaping public discourse and safeguarding democratic values. Anthony is available for US and transcontinental political journalism and analysis.


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