Strategic Plan to Heal the Country: Build Bridges, Teach Everyone About Unethical Social Influence and Stay Positive

The Electoral College vote affirms Biden’s win; he is the president-elect and will be inaugurated into office January 20, 2021, along with Kamala Harris as vice-president. Republican Senate Majority leader McConnell states publicly that Joe Biden is the President Elect and disobeys Trump. Trump’s Attorney General William Barr, after publicly stating there was no evidence of wide-scale voter fraud, contradicted Trump’s lies and resigned.

The democracy is damaged but we can rebuild it. We have learned about massive Russian hacking of our Government agencies in past months which is extremely worrying. The next big question is whether Georgia votes in the two challengers which will enable the Democrats to control the Senate. We should know by January 6th. If the Republicans retain control of the Senate, we face a less than functional government to aggressively repair the damage done by the Trump administration.

Since 2016, Donald Trump has proven to be a malignant narcissist–validating chapter three of The Cult of Trump. Indoctrinated Trump followers, along with members of QAnon, have continuously promoted conspiracy theories and misinformation designed to divide and disrupt. Millions of Trump followers continue to believe the election was won by Trump because he has told them so and a large number of Republican politicians have supported that lie. This has caused great polarization and Trump demonstrates his authoritarian goals. There are many who report that Trump knows he lost the election but is fundraising for himself–at the expense of his followers and our democracy. There is hope for 2021 but we must consider how we can move forward to heal our citizenry.

In 2020, we have faced major obstacles such as the COVID-19 pandemic, severe economic decline, protests, and political unrest. But we now have a way to protect as well as fight COVID-19. This will save lives. We stand in appreciation of all the scientists and health care workers. The COVID vaccine is being administered to help protect people. The first Pfizer vaccine doses have been given across the U.S. and hopefully the similar Moderna vaccine will be approved as soon as Friday, December 18, 2020. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the U.S. could be out of the worst of the pandemic by the summer of 2021, but there are still many variables, including the manufacture of effective vaccines and people being willing to take them.

Unfortunately, despite over 300,000 Americans who have died because of the pandemic, disinformation that COVID-19 is a hoax is still being promoted. Enemies of democracy are still effectively influencing millions of Americans to distrust science. More than ever, we need to research and debunk these myths. My close and trustworthy friend, an expert in public health who works at Children’s Hospital, approves of this vaccine and plans to personally get it. So will I, as soon as I am eligible, which is sounding like February/March since I am over 65 and a cancer survivor. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci – the country’s most trusted information source on the coronavirus, plans to be vaccinated publicly to help boost Americans’ confidence that the vaccine is safe to take.

Take Strategic Action

We need a bold and innovative “complex systems” strategic action plan to assist our friends and family and help heal the country. We need to build bridges with family and friends if they have been damaged in the past four years. We must educate everyone about how social influence works and the Influence Continuum and BITE model of Authoritarian Control. I have written quite a few blogs that offer helpful suggestions along with providing warnings of pitfalls to avoid. It is important to become well-informed about mind control and learn how to help ones that are being influenced.

I wrote a blog on three documentaries that helped me understand 21st century mind control. “The Great Hack“, “The Social Dilemma“, and “People You May Know” are three excellent documentaries that everyone must see to understand how modern day authoritarians are recruiting and indoctrinating people to do their bidding. Private and personal information has been and continues to be harvested and used to create sophisticated psychological and political profiles (over 5000 data points on every voting American) which allow political and cult groups to target and influence people.

Watching these will help people have an understanding of how intelligent, educated people can be mind-controlled remotely through social media and through cyber warfare. By design it divides and programs people into black-and-white, all-or-nothing, good-vs-evil mentality. QAnon followers and Trump supporters should especially watch these. One way to do this is for friends and family to invite them over to watch together and then arrange to have a discussion about what is really happening to their minds.

Under the right circumstances, even sane, rational, well-adjusted people can be deceived and persuaded to believe the most outrageous ideas and leader. President Trump uses the same deceptive psychological techniques that cult leaders do (cult leader’s playbook) that influence his devoted followers’ behavior, information, thoughts, and emotions. (Learn more about the BITE model of Authoritarian Control.)

If you have friends or family members who are believers in the Cult of Trump and are concerned about their well-being, stop arguing, calling them names or cutting them off. Respectful, warm, regular communication will be the bridge for them to start thinking rationally. The “bubble” will burst and reality will dawn.

The Definitive Guide to Helping People in the Cult of Trump provides some strategic and helpful techniques.


  • your homework and LEARN how mind control works before you work with a Trump supporter
  • build rapport and trust before ever talking about Trump
  • keep conversations calm and civil and establish an atmosphere of positivity
  • be curious and practice active listening
  • talk about other cults they might be curious about and then let them connect the dots about similarities to Trumpism
  • let them make discoveries on their own
  • understand their value system and help them to see how Trump violates those values
  • ask questions that make them think and wait for them to answer (contemplation and silence are good!)


  • take anything personally
  • get angry when they say offensive things
  • make them feel stupid
  • talk about Trump or Trumpism right away
  • TELL them what to think
  • try to “win” any argument
  • act like a “know it all”


We need to destigmatize cult involvement. There are tens of millions of people who were either born in or recruited into a destructive cult. If we as former members share our stories, current followers of QAnon and Trump supporters may begin to question if they, too, are being influenced. The #iGotOut Movement is one way to help folks exit the Cult of Trump.

Some are already waking up and leaving the Cult of Trump, realizing he is a liar and cannot be trusted. With the hope that there will be a mass exodus from QAnon and the Cult of Trump, how can we help? Please be respectful, compassionate and loving. Please reignite old positive memories. Focus on common issues that you both share-love of nature, children, animals, sports, whatever will help you to reconnect. As they change their stance, they may be cut off from their fellow believers’ support. We need to take the first step. Reach out to friends and family. Do not say, “I told you so” but “I miss you.”

Trumpism is not going to last forever. Yes, it could–if no one takes action. But many are and will take whatever action necessary to help heal our country. We are all Americans and need to work together to reboot the country. We can move forward to repair damage, promote science, and rebuild relationships. We must unify and not divide. 2021 is full of hope!


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