The Cult of Trump Book 2020

The Democratic and Republican conventions have now ended. The differences between the two events were so clear for anyone watching them both. By looking at the Influence Continuum, one party was emphasizing love, compassion, science, diversity and coming together as Americans.  The other was about Donald Trump and how great, kind, empathetic, and compassionate he is, along with how wonderful the economy is doing. Plus, they talked about how the other side is going to ruin the country with their radical socialist agenda. Information is coming out daily about how the Russians are actively interfering and creating chaos, conflict and doing what they can to stoke up 4th Generation Warfare.

What continues to amaze me the most is that the media has people writing and broadcasting about the cult of trump. People who have written books about fascism call it a cult, former insiders call it a cult–the word is used again and again. Yet, the media conglomerates are not willing to ask me to speak about the cult of trump. So, for anyone reading this who supports Donald Trump and believes the media is controlled and is only doing “fake news”, please ask yourself why the author of a Simon and Schuster book, The Cult of Trump, is not being asked to explain the definition of a destructive cult, how intelligent people are recruited into it, how people become so indoctrinated and how to help people exit. 

QAnon is in the news with NBC news stating there are millions of Americans who now are believing it to an extent and there are street demonstrations of believers, as well. Jim Stewartson, who helped create Alternate Reality Games, has been researching and saying that the very techniques used with Qdrops is what ARGs do to get people addicted into devoting huge amounts of their time. The big problem is they do not realize it is a mind control game intended to influence the election and beyond. That the story narrative, while filled with factual things like CIA mind control abuse, MKUltra, Operation Paperclip and Mockingbird have all been exposed as real. Believers are then asked to believe the story that Donald Trump is going to help solve the world’s problems and, despite the facts of his life, what his own family have stated, what former insiders have shared–he is going to help save the world for God. Or help save the world from traffickers and pedophiles. Trump has a long and documented track record with who he really is, and he has the stereotypical profile of a cult leader which is malignant narcissism. He does not have empathy. He is transactional and looks at people as predators (like him) or prey. 

With the pandemic raging, the economy in peril, protestors speaking out for Black Lives Matter and for police reform, violent clashes, and the current climate, I believe people need to understand the cult mindset of people, cult groups that are influencing Trump and his base, the control and influence of the media, conspiracy theories, and more.

I ask you to take the time to read The Cult of Trump. It is my fourth book and I put in it what people need to know to help us move the country away from this grave threat to democracy. It will not be a relaxing read but it will be a vitally important one. Knowledge is power and the way to combat destructive unethical mind control is understanding the achilles heels and how to empower people to start thinking again for themselves. I know; I was helped by my family out of the Moon cult and, if you have friends and family affected, you can help them. 

Everything contained in The Cult of Trump has been validated many times over. Please take some time and read the book which is now available in paperback, in addition to the hardbackaudio, and digital versions.


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