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On November 7, 2019, I was honored to be interviewed by political reporter Adam Reilly for the PBS program Greater Boston. I really enjoyed our conversation and tried to be as thorough in my responses, as time would allow. I loved that they showed the actual footage of the scene I describe in the book where Trump is surrounded by his Cabinet members and they all take turns complimenting him and telling him what an honor it is to serve him. This scene so reminded me of my time in the Moon cult at one of the leadership meetings. I keep hearing in the media, over and over, people referring to the Trump base as a cult. Interestingly, Trump supporters continue to call the Democrats and critics a cult as well. I am waiting for more people, including my friends and colleagues to read the book. Everyone is so busy and, for so many, they have Trump fatigue. But the book breaks new ground and has really important information that the public needs to understand about the current situation and how I recommend we fix things. It begins with making the effort to learn about social psychology, propaganda, and how to reality test. In addition, we need to stop engaging in labeling and putting each other down. Chapter nine of this book outlines the steps for how to have productive, strategic conversations.

Here is the article about my appearance, by Christine Beiene: (link below)

Mental health counselor and mind-control expert Steven Hassan argues that Donald Trump’s ability to cultivate a loyal group of supporters has defined his presidency.

“I follow the media of his base and his supporters and they’re already talking about a civil war and they’re already talking about using automatic rifles they’ve been stockpiling,” Hassan told Adam Reilly on Greater Boston on Thursday.

It’s a relationship Hassan likens to a cult. And he would know. He used to belong to one.

“I was recruited into a front group of the Moon cult in 1974, spent two and a half years in it before my deprogramming, and I realized that I had become a different person,” Hassan said.

In his book, “The Cult of Trump,” Hassan chronicles that experience as well as the parallels he sees between Moon’s leadership and Trump’s. He said the president uses manipulation techniques, linguistic patterns, and loaded language that Hassan said “creates an image in people’s heads but shuts down any analytical, critical thinking.”

“I think if you want to be the president of the United States, you have to have some narcissism going on,” said Hassan. “With Trump, it’s malignant narcissism. So, pathological lying, thinks he’s above the law, will never take responsibility if he makes a mistake.”

According to Hassan, political tribalism has also been a major factor in Trump’s rise to power.

“What people need to understand is that we like to think, as Americans, we’re above having our minds manipulated or controlled. But we’re human beings and … therefore we’re subject to influence,” he said.

As for the 2020 election ahead, Hassan said that those hoping to beat the president need to first acknowledge the realities of the “cult of Trump” if they want to win.

“We really need to roll up our sleeves, understand the problem, and start approaching it as if it was a cult and not expecting him and his followers to act normally,” Hassan said.

Author Steven Hassan On Book ‘The Cult of Trump’ And How It Came To Be]

Brookline Booksmith Book Launch & Signing

On October 22, 2019, I did my first book launch and talk on The Cult of Trump. Brookline Booksmith is one of the most highly-rated independent book stores in the United States. Even though it was raining outside, over sixty people attended. The video below is the talk which includes an overview of the book, why it was important to me to write, and questions from the audience. Please watch and share.

New York Society for Ethical Culture Interview

On Sunday, November 10, there was standing room only as I was interviewed about my new book by Dr. Joseph Chuman who teaches at Columbia. People came up to me afterward and told me how much they enjoyed and benefited from attending. Many told me they really wanted to order my book. You can read the article about the event here.

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I have heard from folks that they are really enjoying listening to me read the audiobook. A few people told me that they prefer listening to it at 1.25 speed. I listen to a lot of audiobooks but have never experimented with listening to it at a faster speed. Something I intend to try. For those who have read the kindle, hardcover or listened to the audiobook, please do post reviews and share. Thank you! Next Tuesday, November 19th (one day after the 41st anniversary of the Jonestown massacre) I will do another talk and book signing at Belmont Books in Massachusetts. It looks like we will be doing something in Nashville, Tennesssee. If you are interested in bringing me to your city, please contact the office.

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