Undue Influence: Cults and Predators

“In this webinar, Steven will teach you about the basics of undue influence, and why individuals on the autism spectrum are uniquely susceptible to it. He will explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy influence. Undue influence is not just an issue for religious cults; it is used by political cults, abusive individuals, trafficking rings, and terrorist groups to recruit, indoctrinate, and maintain control over individuals. Steven will give you the knowledge and tools to protect yourself from these dangerous groups and people. Learn how to help your loved one take back his or her power, and choose to end the destructive involvement.”


How to help a family member who is being mind-controlled

“In this webinar, Steven Hassan, the internationally renowned cult expert, explains what your family member is going through, and how you can help. Steven, a cult survivor himself, has helped thousands of individuals and families escape and recover from mind control.

The key is enabling your family member to think independently. Steven has developed the Strategic Interactive Approach to help you counter the sociopath’s destructive influence, and encourage your loved one to make his or her own choices. In this webinar, he will explain, step-by-step, how to reach out to your family member, build a team to support him or her, and when appropriate, arrange an intervention with professionals.”


  • Why your loved one seems to be a different person
  • Steven Hassan’s BITE model of destructive influence
  • Why it’s so hard for people under mind control to escape
  • What to say, and not to say, to your loved one
  • How to help your loved one break free of the controller

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