A foundational course to understanding cults, brainwashing, thought reform, mind control, and undue influence

Instructor: Steven Hassan, PhD, MA, MEd, LMHC, NCC

Includes 8 sections & almost 4 hours of video instruction

No prerequisites

This course is for anyone who is concerned about harmful influence in cases of destructive religious and political cults, human trafficking, extremist and terrorist groups, one-on-one relationships, families, parental alienation, mini-cults, therapy and self-improvement groups, professional and institutional abuse, corporate and multi-level marketing programs, and harmful belief systems.

Who Should Take This Course? Those interested in understanding cults and other harmful undue influence situations. 

  • People in recovery
  • Concerned family and friends
  • Parents
  • Middle school, high school, college, and university communities (students, parents, educators, staff, student life, and counseling)
  • Community and advocacy organizations
  • Researchers & students writing papers and dissertations
  • Mental health and medical professionals (a separate CE course is in development)
  • Health and wellness professionals and coaches
  • Legal professionals
  • Financial advisors
  • Law enforcement and military
  • Legislators
  • Government and non-governmental organizations
  • Media
  • Other people who want to help

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