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America’s Leading Cult Expert

Steven Hassan

America’s Leading Cult Expert

Steven Hassan

Healing for Survivors and

Help for Loved Ones:

Since 1976, Steve has helped people with destructive cults, mind control, brainwashing, parental alienation, estrangement, unethical hypnosis, abusive relationships, human trafficking, multi-level marketing, violent extremism & other forms of undue influence.

  • ex-member support & recovery
  • coaching and consultations on how to help someone who may be in danger
  • non-coercive interventions using the Strategic Interactive Approach
  • individual recovery sessions
  • week-long intensive healing sessions, locally in Boston or on-location as requested

Other Specialized Services:

  • supervision and training of mental health professionals
  • consulting services
  • speaking engagements and appearances
  • litigation and expert witness consulting
  • recovery workshops for mental health professionals, corporations, and educators
  • contracted writing and research
  • customized publications including brochures, handouts, curriculums, and mini-courses
  • coming soon – webinars 
Front Cover of Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan
Front Cover of Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan
Front of Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan.
Front of Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate team can help survivors with recovery services or loved ones still under a controlling influence.

Steven Hassan has successfully helped hundreds of families rescue their loved ones using the non-coercive Strategic Interactive Approach (instead of forcible deprogramming).  He is a former cult member, mental health professional, best-selling author, and expert in the field of undue influence, appearing on shows such as 60 Minutes, Dateline, Nightline, and Oprah.  In 2017, he taught Psychiatry Grand Rounds at Harvard Medical School and on 9/11 gave a talk on his book at the Ralph Bunche Library at the U.S. State Department.  Steven is currently leading research on undue influence, its effects and the law through Freedom From Undue Influence and the Program in Psychiatry and the Law.  He is currently pursuing a doctorate in psychology at Fielding’s School of Leadership Studies and is a founding member of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

Freedom of Mind is dedicated to human rights, empowering people to, both, think for themselves and make independent decisions.

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