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Are you or someone you love under the influence of people or organizations and not able to think for themselves? They may be victims of undue influence. We can help.

From the moment we are born, we are constantly being influenced by all kinds of people, ideas, and forces. Some of this influence is healthy, and promotes our ability to grow into independent, fulfilled, authentic adults. Other forms of influence instill dependency and obedience, at times even indoctrinating people to harm themselves and others. There is a wide spectrum of healthy and unhealthy influence. Learn more about The Influence Continuum, a framework developed by Dr. Steven Hassan to understand the different techniques and levels of influence that individuals or groups may use to persuade or manipulate others.

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About Steven Hassan, PhD

Dr. Steven Hassan’s unwavering passion for helping individuals who have experienced cults and mind control is deeply rooted in his own personal journey. As a former member of the notorious Moonies cult in the 1970s, Dr. Hassan experienced firsthand the devastating effects of undue influence and coercion. His escape from the Moonies and subsequent recovery process inspired him to dedicate his life to understanding and exposing the deceptive tactics used by cults and manipulative groups.

Dr. Hassan’s courage in sharing his own story and using his expertise to empower others has made him a beacon of hope for individuals who have been affected by cults and coercive persuasion.

With his extensive knowledge, compassionate approach, and unwavering commitment to promoting freedom of thought and autonomy, Dr. Steven Hassan has become a respected figure in the field of cult awareness and recovery. His dedication to helping individuals break free from the grip of manipulation and regain their independence is a testament to his unwavering resolve to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Unlock Minds. Empower Lives.

Learn how to help yourself and loved ones with Dr. Steven Hassan’s transformative courses. Whether you’re seeking to understand cult dynamics, recover from manipulation, or help others navigate these complex issues, these courses provide a comprehensive and empowering educational experience.

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How we can help you

Intervention Services
The Strategic Interactive Approach (SIA) encourages a positive, warm relationship between cult members and their families while helping to raise essential questions for cult members to consider. The SIA is non-coercive and empowers individuals by giving them the tools they need to detect and remove undue influence from their own minds.

Recovery Coaching
For people leaving destructive cults, unhealthy group dynamics, and controlling relationships. We work one-on-one with clients to rebuild their independent, authentic sense of self, making it possible for them to move forward in their lives. Contact us directly and confidentially to discuss your situation.


Driven by his own experience, Dr. Hassan has become a prolific writer, authoring several groundbreaking books that have become invaluable resources for those seeking to understand and recover from the trauma of cult involvement. His critically acclaimed works, including “Combating Cult Mind Control,” “Freedom of Mind,” and “The Cult of Trump,” have shed light on the psychological, social, and emotional aspects of undue influence, while providing practical tools for healing and recovery.

Professional Services

Dr. Steven Hassan’s professional services provide support and guidance for individuals, families, and organizations seeking empowerment and recovery. With his expertise in mental health counseling, extensive knowledge of undue influence and cults, and compassionate approach, Dr. Hassan offers evidence-based methods to facilitate personal growth and transformation.


Steven Hassan, PhD provides recovery consulting services for individuals, couples, and families who want to use Freedom of Mind Approach to Recovery and Healing


We offer team-oriented intervention consulting services for families through the Strategic Interactive Approach, an ethical, systems-oriented method to enable loved ones to help an individual regain their freedom.


Freedom of Mind offers a range of professional consultation services  including litigation consulting, expert witness services, and mental health, law enforcement, and estate planning consultation.


We offer a variety of online courses to help you learn more about cults, thought reform, mind control, brain-washing, and undue influence. For both non-professionals and clinicians.


Dr. Steve Hassan is regularly featured in the national news on issues ranging from undue influence to artificial intelligence. To schedule an appearance or interview contact us using the button below.

What is Undue Influence?

The BITE model of Authoritarian Control is a framework that examines the behaviors, information, thoughts, and emotions that can be manipulated to enslave people.

Mind control refers to the manipulative techniques and psychological tactics used by certain groups or individuals to exert undue influence over an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and behavior, often resulting in the individual losing their autonomy and critical thinking abilities.

The Influence Continuum represents a graphic visualization of how to identify ethical influence to unethical destructive mind control. These include individuals, leadership and organizations.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in developing more and more effective ways to personalize unethical influence over scale is a major challenge. Authoritarian dictators use cults as proxy groups but can also manipulate and control individuals’ minds and behaviors through data mining, sophisticated algorithms, and targeted psychological manipulation techniques.

Professional therapists, coaches, attorneys, judges, educators and researchers can benefit from Steven Hassan’s courses by gaining valuable insights and practical tools to help individuals who have been subjected to undue influence, manipulation, or coercive control, as well as learning effective techniques for deprogramming and helping individuals recover from harmful psychological manipulation in a compassionate and ethical manner.

Call to Action from Steven

Welcome. I am Dr. Steven Hassan, and I have dedicated my life to understanding how the mind and systematic social influence techniques work. With this knowledge, I have created the Freedom of Mind Resource Center, which provides valuable resources to help people break free from undue influence.

Here you will find a wealth of information, including a curriculum designed to help you understand when your family and friends may be under undue influence. Our Influence Continuum Podcast series provides further insights on current events and trending news topics. We also feature video interviews with celebrities and influencers who have personally experienced cults and other forms of undue influence.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it only happens to other people. It is vital to protect yourself, your loved ones, and people around the world from the harmful effects of undue influence. Together, we can promote critical thinking and reality-based decision-making.

Contact me today to learn more and get involved in the fight against undue influence.

“During my last year at college I was recruited into a quasi Buddhist/Business/Computer programming cult. Within months I planned on leaving my friends and family behind, forever. My parents hired Steve to teach them how to communicate with me effectively, and he ultimately led a peaceful exit-counseling session, which was calm, respectful, and a complete success. During the session, I actually had the sensation of “popping” out of a foreign mind state, as if I had been living someone else’s dream for the past year. I cannot recommend Steve’s services enough.”

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