What We Provide


Read or listen Dr. Hassan’s books to learn about undue influence, freedom of mind, and strategies for protection, rescue and recovery from undue influence.

Online Course

Take a 3.5 hour course Understand Cults: The Basics.

(Help for a Loved One)

Our Strategic Interactive Approach is team-based method for families helping a loved one leave controlling people, cult groups, and beliefs.

Recovery Coaching
(Help for People in Recovery from Harmful Influence)

The Freedom of Mind Approach to Recovery and Healing promotes one's internal locus of control and use of skills that support a healthy life.

Litigation Consulting & Expert Witness Services

Call the office to arrange a short call with Dr. Steven Hassan to discuss how he can help with your case.

Education, Professional Training, & Speaking

We provide webinars, courses, workshops, plenary talks, and professional training for mental health and other professionals.

Professional Case Consultation
(Mental Health – Law Enforcement – Estate Planning – Other)

Professionals are invited to submit a case summary and receive supervision. Case consultation is provided for individuals and teams of professionals.

Do you or someone you know need help?

About Us

The Freedom of Mind Resource Center supports those affected by undue influence by providing coaching and consulting services. We offer training and educational resources to support individuals, families, advocacy groups, educational institutions, professionals, law enforcement, government entities, and non-governmental organizations by providing training and educational resources. We also provide information to the media to help the public understand undue influence (mind control) in all of its forms so that everyone can have the tools and support they need to protect themselves from undue influence.

Why Choose Dr. Steven Hassan

Unique Qualifications

  • 45 years of experience
  • Author of 4 books on undue influence, journal articles, chapters & a doctoral dissertation
  • Licensed mental health professional with a Doctorate
  • Former member of a cult

Areas of Expertise

  • Harmful Beliefs
  • Controlling Relationships
  • Family & Parental Alienation
  • Mini-cults
  • Multi-level Marketing Organization & Corporate Cults
  • Political Cults
  • Psychological Warfare Operations
  • Religious Cults
  • Personal Growth & Wellness Cults
  • Therapy, Coaching & Self-Improvement Cults
  • Professional & Institutional Abuse
  • Labor & Sex Trafficking
  • Violent Extremism & Terrorist Groups
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