Providing knowledge, awareness and support needed to help yourself and loved ones avoid or escape from dangerous people and situations of influence.

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About Freedom of Mind

The Freedom of Mind Resource Center supports those affected by undue influence by providing coaching and consulting services.

We offer training and educational resources to support individuals, families, advocacy groups, educational institutions, professionals, law enforcement, government entities, and non-governmental organizations by providing training and educational resources. We also provide information to the media to help the public understand undue influence (mind control) in all of its forms so that everyone can have the tools and support they need to protect themselves from undue influence.

Why People Choose Dr. Steven Hassan

Unique Qualifications

  • 45 years of experience
  • Author of 4 books on undue influence, journal articles, chapters & a doctoral dissertation
  • Licensed mental health professional with a Doctorate
  • Former member of a cult

Unique Qualifications

  • Harmful Beliefs
  • Controlling Relationships
  • Family & Parental Alienation
  • Mini-cults
  • Multi-level Marketing Organization & Corporate Cults
  • Political Cults
  • Psychological Warfare Operations
  • Religious Cults
  • Personal Growth & Wellness Cults
  • Therapy, Coaching & Self-Improvement Cults
  • Professional & Institutional Abuse
  • Labor & Sex Trafficking
  • Violent Extremism & Terrorist Groups