Recovery Services

Steven Hassan provides recovery consulting services for individuals, couples, and families who want to use Freedom of Mind Approach to Recovery and Healing

We recommend that people get started learning about the Freedom of Mind Approach to Recovery and Healing by accessing this book and online video course: 

    1. Combating Cult Mind Control 30th Anniversary Edition – Listen to or read the 2015 or later edition of this book. This book explains how mind control happens and about the different types of undue influence situations.
    2. Understanding Cults: A Foundational Course – Take this 9 hour video course to learn more about how to help a person who has been affected by undue influence. 

Accessing the above recommended book and course may reduce the amount of direct consulting time you need to learn the basics of the Freedom of Mind Approach to Recovery and Healing.

If you cannot access the book and the course, you can instead explore the other resources listed at the bottom of this page.

Insurance is not accepted.

If you believe that this approach might be a good fit for your needs and resources, please call our office at (617) 396-4638 to request an initial 60-minute Zoom video call consult with Steven Hassan.

Please understand that there may be a waiting period for the next available consultation appointment.

Initial consultations are usually scheduled on weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

Complete the Recovery Services Case Evaluation Form prior to the consult:

You may submit additional materials for review prior to the initial consult, such as investigative, medical or legal reports; copies of communications; and photos. Review of up to 10 pages of material, inclusive of the case evaluation form, is included. There is an additional charge to review over 10 pages. We provide encrypted email for sensitive documents.

During the initial consult, you and Steve will discuss your Case Evaluation Form and any other materials that you have submitted. Some people prefer to give more sensitive information directly to Steve during the consultation. Steve will answer your questions and provide recommendations for the next steps including strategies, intervention services, post-intervention recovery resources, and other resource and referral options.

Why are recovery services needed? There are many negative issues experienced by former members of high-control groups. For example, many things can trigger aspects of left-over cult programming. Some ex-members get to the point that they actually think about returning to the cult, or feel they must seek out some new guru, leader, or group. It takes time and often guidance to get beyond the black and white, us-versus-them, elitist mentality that cults tend to program into their members. The goal is empowering a person’s unique authentic self to function in a healthy balanced way.

What is the focus of this recovery approach? The way to recover from destructive mind control is to learn to control your own mind. In our practice, we help people develop increased self-awareness so that they can reclaim, or in some cases, create for the first time, a healthy internal locus (center) of control.

Who may benefit from this approach? In addition to religious cult cases, we help people involved in destructive one-on-one relationships, therapy and self-improvement groups, families, parental alienation, mini-cults, professional abuse, institutional abuse, corporations, multi-level marketing, political groups, human trafficking, hate and violent extremism, and other undue influence situations. All involve radical personality changes, often resulting in dropping out of school, work, alienation and loss of contact. Some involve covert uses of hypnosis and sexual abuse.

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