Influence Continuum

The Influence ContinuumTM

From the moment we are born, we are constantly being influenced by all kinds of people, ideas, and forces. Some of this influence is healthy, and promotes our ability to grow into independent, fulfilled, authentic adults.

Other forms of influence instill dependency and obedience, at times even indoctrinating people to harm themselves and others. There is a wide spectrum of healthy and unhealthy influence. Individual experiences vary within the same organization based on how the individual conforms to the norms of the group. For example, a lesbian teen in a homophobic church will be subject to a different degree of undue influence than a straight man who is married with children in the same church.

(The Influence ContinuumTM model is designed to be used along with the BITE Model of Authoritarian Control.)

The Influence ContinuumTM

In our journey to understand the dynamics of human influence, control, and freedom of mind, the Influence Continuum serves as a crucial framework. It empowers individuals to navigate the complex spectrum of influence, from healthy persuasion and education to undue coercion and manipulation. My books, such as “Combating Cult Mind Control” and “Freedom of Mind,” draw upon decades of research and personal experiences to support and expand upon this theory.

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Learn how to help yourself and loved ones with Dr. Steven Hassan’s transformative courses. Whether you’re seeking to understand cult dynamics, recover from manipulation, or help others navigate these complex issues, these courses provide a comprehensive and empowering educational experience.

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