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Group Description

Disclaimer: We are of the opinion that AA has helped many individuals in their fight against alcoholism, but we include this group because we believe there are other points of view; vital information, and experiences that should be shared. We do not advocate to anyone that they adopt a static identity based on past problematic behavior, nor do we wish to tell anyone that they are powerless to help themself make needed changes. We believe in empowering people to think for themselves and make independent decisions. We believe people should have the ability to exit any group or program with their dignity intact and not treated as a failure. Likewise, we do not believe addiction is an actual disease but rather a physical as well as a psychological reality. Habits can be changed without any group pressure or requirement to constantly attend meetings.

If you have an alcohol or drug problem, please definitely seek out professional help. If you have been attending AA and it has been helpful to you, we do NOT suggest you abruptly stop going and change paths. There are many other successful approaches to helping people with drug and alcohol problems and we intend to add them to this page. If you have information or resources that you think should be included please send it to us. We are very interested in BITE model analyses from former members of any 12 Step group. These might include Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Overeaters Anonymous (OA).

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