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Interview with Masoud Banisadr on MeK

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USED WITH FULL PERMISSION- Q & A with a reporter with Masoud Banisadr (author of Masoud: Memoirs of an Iranian Rebel, SAQI Books, 2004). I have had the pleasure of spending several hours with Masoud. In my professional opinion, the extreme influence (brainwashing) used by this destructive cult to recruit, indoctrinate and maintain control over their [...]

Jon Atack’s Book, “Let’s Sell these People A Piece of Blue Sky: Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology”

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Jon encouraged me to post the introduction I wrote for this book, A Piece of Blue Sky in order to help frame the importance of Jon's return to activism and the importance of his book which so many people have yet to read, or read it when it first came out. -------- Must read! This book [...]