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Members of 3HO (Healthy Happy Holy Organization) certainly stand out with their white turbans and white clothing. They believe themselves to be Sikhs, though by following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan they are breaking far more traditional Sikh teachings than they are adhering to. Most Sikhs avoid any association with this group.

Harbhajan Singh Puri arrived in Canada in 1969 and soon settled in the LA area calling himself Yogi Bhajan. He claimed to have a Masters degree in Economics and he claimed to be a well known Yogi back in India. Yogi Bhajan also taught that he was “The Mahan Tantricâ”, an important mystical title, that he could see auras and see your future. Perhaps his most outrageous claim, however, was that he was “The Siri Singh Sahibâ” the official head religious and administrative leader of all Sikhs in the West!
The audacity of Yogi Bhajanâ’s huge lies and the readiness of USA hippies to believe them makes the Yogi Bhajan/3HO/Sikh Dharma story particularly sad. (http://forums.delphiforums.com/KamallaRose/start)

There have been many cases alleging criminal activities and reportedly several criminal convictions of 3HO individuals within 3HO, complaints of severe sexual violence against Yogi Bhajan, and reportedly many 3HOers leaving the cult have been threatened with violence while trying to escape. There are unsolved murders of 3HOer still being investigated.

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