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Updated 3/6/2023

Recent Media:

Daily Beast 3/3/23: The Mysterious ‘Sisterhood’ Tearing Families Apart

Go Ask Ali Podcast 3/2/23: Anyone Could Join a Cult w/ Dr. Steven Hassan

Impact x Nightline Podcast 2/17/23: Under His Spell: Sarah Lawrence Dad Turned Predator

WBUR Here & Now 2/14/23: How easy is it to get trapped in a cult?

WBUR Here & Now Op-Ed 2/14/23: Hulu’s new cult doc ‘Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence’ proves what Trump and QAnon know: It’s actually very easy to manipulate people’s minds

Scary Mommy 2/7/23: I Caught My Kid Googling Porn. Now What?

Daily KOS 2/6/23: Televangelists Claim that Biden is a Demon

American Psyop Podcast with Wes Clark, Jr. 1/31/23: Bonus Episode with Dr. Steven Hassan

Five Minute News: the Weekend Show with Anthony Davis 1/29/23: Top Cult Expert EXPOSES the SECRETS of MAGA Mind Control

Jon Atack, Family, and Friends 1/28/23: authoritarianism, expertise, and why we have hope

Skeptic: the Michael Shermer Show 1/28/23: Combatting Cult Mind Control, Freedom of Mind, and The Cult of Trump

Psychology Today 1/19/23: Labor Trafficking is Human Trafficking

New York Society for Ethical Culture 1/8/23: Steven Hassan: ‘January 6: Two Years Since the Violent Coup Attempt

The Jerusalem Post 12/25/22: ‘Christian’ missionary cult targets J’lem kids with party – report

Psychiatric Times 12/22/22: The Psychiatric Best Of: And the 2022 Winner Is… Freedom of Mind

Psychology Today 12/20/22: Human Trafficking: Sex Trafficking- How traffickers use undue influence on their victims

Growing Up In Scientology with Aaron Smith-Levin 12/16/22: Escaping from Scientology & Other Cults w. Dr. Steve Hassan

The Current with Matt Galloway 11/29/22: Japan launches inquiry into Unification Church, aka the Moonies

Here, There, and Everywhere: A Beatles Podcast 11/25/22: Ep. 34 – Dr. Steven Hassan

Uncovering the Truth Podcast 11/14/22: Social Media is Rewiring the Human Brain

Mobius Executive Leadership: the Next Practice Institute 10/25/22: How to Determine the Integrity and Trustworthiness of Spiritual Teachers and Communities 

The Five 8 10/21/22: XXIV: Instant Cult Classic Dr. Hassan appears at 29:17-55:06 

In Reality Podcast 10/18/22: The Hidden World of Political Cults

Salon 10/18/22: When Does a Political Movement Become a Cult?

Colorado Times 10/5/22: ‘Reefer Madness’ and the Troubled Teen Industry

Psychiatric Times 9/30/22: The Freedom and Suppression of Jazz in Russia

Psychology Today 9/27/22: Phobias: A Tool of Cult Indoctrination

Artful Living 9/21/22 Why Americans Can’t Resist Multilevel Marketing Schemes

Voice of America News 9/20/22: Trump Seen Moving Closer to QAnon Conspiracy

NHK World – Japan News 9/15/22: Unification Church’s ex-member explains how it gains political influence

Chelsea Suarez 9/12/22 How To Get Loved Ones Out of Network Marketing | Interview with Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

MeidasTouch Network – The Weekend Show 9/4/22: Top Cult Expert DISSECTS the MAGA Cult and how to BREAK THE SPELL

NHK World – Japan News 9/2/22: Ex-Unification Church Member Details Group’s Political Influence

Donald Trump Controversy 8/22/22: Trump and Pompeo Attended a ‘Moonies’ Event Amid Japan Controversy

Business Insider 8/20/22: Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo spoke at a ‘Moonies’-affiliated event, despite Japan controversy

First Nations Cares Webinar 8/17/22: Mind Control and Colonization – Part II

Uncovering the Truth Podcast 8/8/22: Jim Jones, Tony Robbins, Undue-Influence w/ Cult-Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Worldwide: The Unchosen Church 8/3/22 Ep 1.11: The End Times and Final Revelations

The Daily Beast 7/31/22: Shinzo Abe’s Assassin Succeeds in Twisted Plot to Expose Japan’s Deep Ties with ‘Cult’

Big Picture Science 7/25/22: Skeptic Check: Shared Reality

Business Insider 7/25/22: Mass weddings and cult accusations: Who are the ‘Moonies’ and what is the Unification Church?

RADICALIZED: Truth Survives Podcast  7/18/22 EPISODE 33: Cult of Trump, Cult of Flynn, Cult of Dugin with Special Guest Dr. Steven Hassan

The Sydney Morning Herald 7/17/22: Why do smart people join cults? And how do they get out of them?

The Washington Post 7/12/22: How Abe and Japan became vital to Moon’s Unification Church

Insider 6/27/22 4 signs that someone you know has joined a cult, according to a mind-control expert

Banfield News Nation 6/23/22: Ex-Google worker claims religious sect members pushed him out

Thom Hartmann Program 6/20/22: Cult Expert Sees 95% Chance of Worsening Trump Violence 

Worldwide: The Unchosen Church 6/15/22: “God Speaks to Us:” An Insider’s Guide to the Worldwide Church of God

Times of London 6/15/22: Tik Tok Star Miranda Derrick ‘in Thrall to Cult’, say family

The Independent UK 6/15/22: ‘Someone is influencing Ginni’: How the wife of a Supreme Court justice became part of the ‘Trump cult’

Salon 6/13/22: Cult expert Steven Hassan sees 95% chance of worsening pro-Trump violence

The European Society of Hypnosis 6/2/22: An Interview with Steven Hassan (page 14)

Center for Humane Technology 6/2/22 How Social Media Features Parallel Cult Techniques

MLM Conference 2022 6/1/22 Session 7: How do victims recover & https://vimeo.com/726035054

Center for Humane Technology 5/26/22 Cults, Social Media & Shared Manipulation Techniques

Dave Troy Presents 5/26/22: Cults & Disinformation with Dr. Steven Hassan

Psychiatric times 5/22/22 Combating Cult Mind Control

SpyTalk Podcast 5/19/22: Going Mental

Your Undivided Attention Podcast 5/5/22: How To Free Our Minds with Cult Deprogramming Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Yale News 4/27/22: Religious group facing “cult” allegations looks to recruit members on Yale’s campus

BBC Reel 4/26/22: The psychological tricks that make cults so dangerous

Stand Up! With Pete Dominick 4/18/22 SE Cupp sits in for Me and Interview’s Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan Episode 586

The Aquinas 4/10/22: The Risk of Cancel Culture

Hill Reporter 4/7/22: WATCH: Cult Expert Explains How Ginni Thomas has Been ‘Radicalized

TEDxMidAtlanticSalon 4/6/22: The Psychology of Dictatorship

Inside Edition 4/5/22: Does Ginni Thomas’ Cult Past Explain Her Interest in QAnon and 2020 Election Conspiracy Theories?

Greater Boston 4/5/22: How to know if you’re in a cult — and get out

Newsweek 4/2/22: Trump ‘Loved to Gossip’ With Ginni Thomas About Who Was Disloyal: Grisham

The Independent 4/1/22: Ginni Thomas: New footage shows MAGA activist ‘exposing’ self-help cult in the 1980s

MSNBC News 4/1/22: From cult to Court: How Ginni Thomas found her influence

Raw Story 4/1/22: Cult expert claims this never-seen-before footage features Ginni Thomas discussing Lifespring experience

Business Insider 3/31/22: Newly unearthed footage shows Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni Thomas discussing her spiritual struggles after leaving a cult

The Independent 3/25/22: Bad Vegan Sarma Melngailis and the curious allure of cults

The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe 3/22/22 Ep.5: The Psychology of MLMs

TEDx Boston 3/7/22: TEDxBoston: How to tell if you’re brainwashed?

ABC Australia Overnights: How do cult leaders gain such a strong influence on their followers?

Psychiatric Times 2/19/22: Putting the New Framework into Practice

International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism 2/16/22: Influence, Authoritarianism, and Cults

Psychiatric Times 2/12/22: A New Framework: Exploring Efficacy

BBC Learning English EPISODE 220210 2/10/22 Leaders share their tips for success: Keeping mental health in focus: Steven Hassan

BBC Learning EPISODE 220208 English 2/8/22 Cults: The dark side of leadership

Psychiatric Times 2/5/22: Responding to Authoritarian Cults and Extreme Exploitations: A New Framework to Evaluate Undue Influence

The Control Variable 2/3/22: True Believers

Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen 1/14/22: Special Report!! The Making of a MAGA Fanatic + A Conversation with Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Psychology Today 1/14/22: Multi-Level Marketing Groups Operate Much Like Cults

FNCARES 12/13/21: Mind Control and Colonization – FNCARES Fall Talk 2021

Snopes 12/8/21: QAnon Group Holed Up in Dallas Awaits Trump and JKF’s Return (Still)

Psychology Today 11/23/21: The Definitive Guide to Helping People Get Past “The Big Lie”

Everyday Cults. Everyday People. Podcast 10/15/21: BEHAVIOR- Love is Stronger Than Mind Control

Everyday Cults. Everyday People. Podcast 10/9/21: INFLUENCE – from mild to extreme and everything in between

Narativ Live with Zev Shalev 10/6/21: Cults, Covid and Mind Control Part 1

Narativ Live with Zev Shalev 10/6/21: Cults, Covid and Mind Control Part 2

980 CKNW Weekend Mornings 10/3/21: How anti-vaccine tactics and social media go hand in hand

CNN NewDay TV Appearance 10/2/21: What cult expert thinks about the anti-vaccine movement

Psychology Today Blog 9/30/21: Mental Health, Suicidal Feelings, and Authoritarian Cults

CNN Business 9/29/21: Anti-vaxxers are using the same tactics as cults do to attract followers on social media

Psychology Today Blog 9/20/21: Shunning: The Trauma of Being Cut Off

Rolling Stone 9/18/21: ‘Oh My God, We’re In a Cult’: New Docuseries Shows the Dark Side of Clothing Brand LuLaRoe

USGAudio Podcast 9/15/21: The Followers: Madness of Two

Roys Report 9/13/21: Trump Appears at ‘Moonie’ Event; Cult Expert says Unification Church “Interwoven” into GOP

Narativ Live with Zev Shalev 9/12/21: A Bear in Our House Part 1

Insider 8/31/21: Cult experts explain why R. Kelly’s accusers would stay in his orbit despite harrowing abuse allegations

WGN Radio 8/29/21: Cult expert Dr. Steven Hassan talks about the following of R. Kelly

Inverse.com 8/17/21: Cults are going virtual, but deprogramming needs one old-school tactic, say experts

Finding Humanity Podcast 8/11/21: Episode 7 – Indoctrinated: Helping Cult Members Find a Way Out | Janja Lalich

The Thom Hartmann Program Live 8/09/21:– Steven Hassan – ‘Good way to die’: An AR-15 worshiping Moonies sect mobilized for Jan. 6 and is recruiting the far right to its apocalyptic vision (Dr. Hassan appears at 1:08)

Raw Story 8/03/21: ‘Good way to die’: An AR-15 worshiping Moonies sect mobilized for Jan. 6 and is recruiting the far right to its apocalyptic vision

Vice TV 7/28/21: Vice Versa: Crusaders

World Mental Health Coalition 7/17/21: A Project for National Healing: Authoritarian Cults, Shared Psychosis, and Media Indoctrination

ICSA 2021 Annual Conference 7/14/21: The Cult of Trump: How to Speak Respectfully & Strategically to Promote Re-Eval + Q&A (Steve Hassan)

The Boston Globe 7/9/21: RC leader dismisses students’ criticism as ‘attack’

The Jordan Harbinger Show 7/1/21: 529: Qualms about QAnon Mom and Her Starseed Schtick | Feedback Friday

PolitiFact 6/30/21: Misinformation and the Jan. 6 insurrection: When ‘patriot warriors’ were fed lies

Psychology Today Blog 6/20/21: Freedom of Mind for LGBTQ People

Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) 6/17/21: Church fighting pandemic restrictions is cult-like, former worshippers, expert allege

Bialik Breakdown 6/17/21: Steve Hassan: Spotting a Cult, Hidden Hypnotism & Indoctrination in the Digital Age

The Farm Podcast 6/7/21: Cults, Mind Control, and the Rod of Iron Ministries w/ Steven Hassan & Recluse

Psychology Today Blog 6/5/21: Understanding Cults: The Basics

Slate 6/1/21: The Man Who Wants to Free Trump Supporters From “Mind Control”

The Lincoln Project 6/1/21: The Cult of Trump

Sojourners 6/21: WHEN CONSPIRACY THEORIES COME TO CHURCH How to deprogram followers of Trumpism and other extremist cults.

ABC Science 5/23/21: Believers in QAnon and other conspiracy theories reveal how they climbed out of the rabbit hole

Hebrew College 5/20/21: Cults & Conspiracies: An Introduction for Clergy and Educators with Dr. Steve Hassan

Poynter – Politifact 5/13/21: Speaking the Truth: Mind control and fact-checking

PolitiFact 5/13/21: United Facts of America: Christiane Amanpour on truth, objectivity and the assault on democracy

Multilevel Marketing 5/1/21: The Consumer Protection Challenge Hosted by The College of New Jersey School of Business April 30th / May 1st

Multilevel Marketing Conference 5/1/21: Panel 6 – How do MLMs recruit and retain participants?

Scientology: Fair Game with Leah Remini & Mike Rinder 5/10/21: Episode 40: Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Psychology Today Blog 5/8/21: Protect Children from Harm by Destructive Cults

Psychology Today Blog 4/13/21: The Definitive Guide to Helping People Trapped in a Cult

Independent 4/2/21: ‘They mix social media branding with the deep pull of religion’: SoulCycle, OneTaste, and the cult of wellness

Commonwealth Club of California 3/30/21: Cult-like Behavior in Extreme Trump Followers

Business Insider 3/28/21: Former Moonies cult members are working with families of QAnon believers to help their loved ones get a grip on reality

The Jordan Harbinger Show 3/26/21: 487: Connect with Cult Father, or Don’t Even Bother? | Feedback Friday

Salon 3/25/21: QAnon and the Trump cult: Expert Steven Hassan on whether they can be saved

Psychology Today 3/23/21: Why Cancel Culture By Anyone Is Harmful and Wrong

LA Times 3/18/21: QAnon’s ‘collateral damage’: Families struggle to pull loved ones back from the brink

The Guru Magazine 3/17/21: Family Denies Sedona Guru Kaia Ra’s Bizarre QAnon-like Claims

KGNU ChatChat – Claudia Cragg 3/11/21: How To De-Cult a #Trumpie Or Your #QAnon Friend

Access Hollywood 3/11/21: Inside The Minds Of Cult Leaders: Expert Exposes Key Traits The Notorious Figures Share

Nevada Public Radio 3/8/21: After QAnon, How Do Families Mend Relationships?

88.5 WMNF MidPoint with WMNF News Thursday 3/4/21: The Cult of Trump

NPR 3/3/21: ‘Exit Counselors’ Strain To Pull Americans Out Of A Web Of False Conspiracies

A Little Bit Culty Podcast 3/1/21: Cults 101: Dr. Steven Hassan & The BITE Model

Gizmodo 3/1/21: QAnon, CultTok, and Leaving It All Behind

Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Background Briefing 2/27/21: Mount Eliza ashram guru Russell Kruckman accused of sexually abusing multiple women

Majority 54 Podcast 2/25/21: S3E38 Ted Cruz’s Human Suit

The Daily Beast 2/24/21: Olympian McKayla Maroney Ensnared in Mystery ‘Cult’ the Church of the Master Angels


Politico 2/19/21: ‘This Crap Means More to Him Than My Life’: When QAnon Invades American Homes

The Jordan Harbinger Show 2/18/21: QAnon with Steven Hassan & Jordan Harbinger

Newsy 2/18/21: QAnon ‘ReQovery’ Meets Reality: U.S. Is Far Behind In Deradicalization

ICSVE Panel Discussion 2/11/21: Understanding Q-Anon

Stand Up! With Pete Dominick 2/10/21: 283 Former FBI Ali Soufan and Cult Expert Dr Steven Hassan

New England Psychologist 2/9/21: Adoption of QAnon beliefs similar to cult following

CNN Newsroom Brooke Baldwin 2/8/21: S2021 E26

CNN Business Perspectives 2/4/2021: I was a member of a cult. Here’s how to bring QAnon believers back to reality

The Lincoln Project (LPTV) 2/2/21: The Breakdown: Rick Wilson and Tara Setmayer

WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show 2/1/21: Losing Families to QAnon

Elite Daily 2/1/21: What Happens To Trumpism After Trump? This Isn’t Over

The Boston Globe 1/29/2021: Q&A: The end of Cult 45? Steven Hassan was in a cult and has studied cults for decades. He says Trump’s most ardent followers need help breaking out of theirs.

NECSI COVID Community Action Summit 1/28/21: A Cult Expert’s Advice on Dealing with Anti-Vaxxers and General Vaccine Hesitancy

Dagens Næringsliv Paper 1/28/21: THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN SUBMACHINE GUN

MPR News with Kerri Miller 1/26/21: How to help a loved one who is caught in a web of conspiracy theories 

Big Picture Science Podcast 1/25/21: Skeptic Check: Shared Reality 

TBZ Brookline 1/25/21: Our Fellow Americans with Dr. Steven Hassan and Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum 

The Hill 1/24/2021: QAnon enters new period of danger, opportunity

Washington Post 1/22/21: Trump is gone, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is keeping up the cult

CTV News 1/21/21: These Canadians lost their loved ones to Qanon. Is there any hope of getting them back?

Inverse 1/21/21: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL REASON WHY PEOPLE JOINED A UFO CULT. Heaven’s Gate director Clay Tweel talks psychology of cult membership.


CNN Appearance 1/19/21: Dr. Steven Hassan on The Cult of Trump with Alisyn Camerota 

Raw Story 1/19/21: Cult expert tells CNN how to deprogram Trump’s most fanatical supporters

Katie Couric Interview 1/12/21: Former Cult Follower Describes How President Trump Has Created a Cult Following.

San Francisco Chronicle 1/17/21: Experts see cult-like behavior in Trump’s most extreme followers. Breaking them free may not be easy 

NorthJersey.com Christopher Maag 1/12/21: The ‘Cult of Trump’ can be healed. It will take years of work and empathy, not shouting 

WBZ4 CBS Boston: Author Steven Hassan Discusses His New Book, ‘The Cult Of Trump’

Nevada Public Radio 12/9/20: Nevada QAnon Followers Spread Online Conspiracy Theories In Real Life

BBC The Orgasm Cult 12/9/20: 8. Is One Taste a Cult?

Vice News 12/18/20: How to Talk to Your QAnon Family During the Holidays

The Boston Globe 12/17/20: A cult expert’s advice for celebrating with politically divided family over the holidays

CNN 11/26/20: Here’s a cheat sheet for Thanksgiving’s inevitable politics talk

MSNBC 11/20/20: The ReidOut 11/20/20 E2011021 featuring Steven Hassan, Mary Trump, & Joy Reid

Today Extra, Australia TV 11/08/2020: Interview with Steven Hassan

BuzzFeed News 10/29/20: These Teachers Are Struggling To Pull Their Students Out Of A QAnon Rabbit Hole

Cosmopolitan 10/28/20: How to Help a Friend Who Believes in QAnon Conspiracy Theories

Psychology Today 10/26/2020: Authenticity, Compassion and Overcoming Propaganda: Politics and Rhetoric Can Bias Us Against Equality

NBCNews 10/24/20: If Trump loses the election, QAnon will also lose support — and eventually disintegrate

TEDxMidAtlantic 10/22/20: Dismantling QAnon

The GOOP Podcast 10/20/20: What Makes Us Vulnerable to Mind Control?

STARZ Documentary 10/18/20: Seduced: Inside The NXIVM Cult

Financial Times 10/15/20: Is QAnon a game gone wrong? | FT Film

Mashable 10/3/20: Some people are more likely to believe conspiracy theories. Here’s how to know if you’re one of them

The Associated Press 9/28/2020: Barrett tied to faith group ex-members say subjugates women

Mashable 9/23/20: The most effective ways to support a loved one who believes in QAnon

NBCNews 9/11/20: Trump’s QAnon followers are a dangerous cult. How to save someone who’s been brainwashed

Forbes 8/26/20: How To Talk With—And Maybe Help—Someone Who Believes In QAnon And Other Conspiracy Theories

Oprah Magazine 8/25/20: The Warning Signs of a Dangerous Cult Can Sneak Up on You-An expert explains how to spot the red flags

Interview with Mike Faith 8/24/20: The Cult of Trump – An Interview w/ Steven Hassan About Cults, Deprogramming, and Defining a Cult

The Cult of Trump 8/20/20: Book Trailer

World News Group 8/19/20: Questions about QAnon: The apocalyptic internet movement QAnon is gaining followers by the thousands, and churches are slow to respond

Psychology Today 8/7/20: Psychiatrist as Fly-On-The-Wall at Trump’s Axios Interview

Medium, Interview with Sansu the Cat 8/6/20: “Cults,” Moonies, and Trump: Seven Questions for Steve Hassan

MIT Technology Review 7/26/20: It’s too late to stop QAnon with fact checks and account bans

Rutland Herald 7/25/20: On Faith: Trumpism is a cult

American Dignity PAC 7/24/20: Documentary Trailer

Point of Inquiry 7/23/20: Steven Hassan On Breaking Down The Cult Of Trump

The Art of Being Dar – with Dar Dixon 7/7/20: The Steven Hassan Experience

Conspirituality Podcast 7/2/20: Episode 6-Grappling with the Cult of Trump (w/Steven Hassan) (Dr. Hassan appears at 37:00)

What to Reid with Joy-Ann Reid 6/30/20: Featured Author – Steven Hassan “The Cult of Trump”

Byline Times 6/18/20: Veneration of Donald Trump Is a ‘Personality Cult’

The Sun 6/18/20 ‘VIRAL’ MARKETING Coronavirus pandemic is helping doomsday cults recruit new followers

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick 6/16/20: 127 Steven Hassan, Eric Segall, Michelangelo Signorile

Today Extra, Australia TV 6/9/20: Interview with Steven Hassan

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick 5/27/20: 113 SE Cupp and Cult Expert Steven Hassan

Washington Monthly 5/23/20: We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP’s Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult

TALES from the RABBIT HOLE, Mick West 5/14/20: Episode 44: Steven Hassan – Cults and Conspiracies


Happymag.tv, Dan Shaw 4/30/20: Top End Girl, The Cult of Trump and more: Happy’s weekend reading

Crime Beat on ArtistFirst Radio with Ron Chepesiuk 4/30/20: Steven Hassan, author of The Cult of Trump

Business Insider 4/17/20: Trump falsely claimed his ‘authority is total’ as president. An expert on cults says this assertion could be taken right out of the ‘cult leader playbook.’

The Intellectualist 4/16/20: Cult Experts Warn That Trumpism Has Become A Death Cult Akin To Jim Jones

The Young Turks, The Damage Report 4/16/20: Trump sheeple in Michigan and other states have taken to the streets (Dr. Hassan appears at 41:23)

Salon, Raw Story 4/7/20: Cult expert Steven Hassan: Trump’s “mind control cult” now faces an existential crisis

Mother Jones 4/4/20: Cult Experts Warn That Trumpism Is Starting to Look Awfully Familiar

Psychology Today 2/8/20: Is America Governed by a Cult? Several books suggest that President Trump is a cult leader. Is he really?

Huffington Post 2/7/20: Trump’s Acquittal Shows The GOP Senate Acts Like A Cult

EconoTimes 1/20/20: Lev Parnas and Michael Cohen say working for Trump is ‘cult-like,’ expert confirms comments

Rawstory 01/21/20: A psychiatrist explains the disturbing truth about how Trump’s madness infected Alan Dershowitz

Business Insider 1/17/20: Lev Parnas and Michael Cohen are right to think working for Trump was like being in a cult, according to a cult expert 

Los Angeles Times, Virginia Heffernan 01/10/20: Column: Call Trumpism what it is: a cult


Psychology Today, Ravi Chandra M.D., D.F.A.P.A. 12/23/19: The Cult of Trump: A new book describes the cult of partisanship

Patheos, James Haught 12/16/19: Trump as Jim Jones?

VOX 12/13/19: Is Trumpism a cult? A new book from a former cult member makes the case

CNN Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter 11/24/19: New book says there is a ‘cult of Trump’

WGBH, Greater Boston TV 11/7/19: Author Steven Hassan On Book ‘The Cult of Trump’ And How It Came To Be

Daily Kos 10/22/19: Steve Hassan’s The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control

Salon 10/22/19: Can members of the Trump cult be deprogrammed after the leader falls? Steven Hassan says yes

Today Extra, Australia TV 10/21/19: Interview with Author Steven Hassan

Daily Mail 10/16/19: Fake enemies, loaded language, grandiosity, belittling critics: Cults expert claims Donald Trump’s tactics are taken straight from playbook of Sun Myung Moon, David Koresh and Jim Jones

Harper’s Bazaar 10/15/19: Why Is Anyone Still Supporting a Supervillain like Trump?

The Raw Story 10/14/19: Ex-cult member imagines terrifying end game to Trump’s presidency: ‘He might take everyone with him — like Jim Jones’

The Daily Beast 10/13/19: Take It From a Former Moonie: Trump Is a Cult Leader

Medium 10/7/19: What Trump Has in Common With Cult Leaders

Huffington Post 8/13/19: How MLMs and Cults use the Same Mind Control Techniques

The Jordan Harbinger Show 8/13/19: 237: Steven Hassan | Combating Cult Mind Control Part One

The Jordan Harbinger Show 8/13/19: 237: Steven Hassan | Combating Cult Mind Control Part Two

VICE 11/14/18: A Former Cult Member Explains How He Escaped

VICE 9/5/18: NXIVM, Jordan Peterson, and the Reincarnation of Ayn Rand’s Cult

New York Times podcast with Charles Duhigg 8/6/18: Change Agent #3, “The Talk”

The Daily Beast 7/26/18: Church Accused of ‘Terror’ Recruits on College Campuses

Human Current Podcast 7/26/18: Episode 94 A Complex Systems Approach to Countering Mind Control

Gizmodo 6/20/18: How Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan Targets Desperate People Online

Gizmodo The Gateway Podcast 6/20/18: Teal Swann: Part 4 “Tribe”

Mormon Stories Podcast, John Dehlin 6/6/18: What The Mormon Church Can Learn From Cults to Do/Be Better

VICE 5/23/2018: A Cult Expert Tells Us Why the NXIVM Story Is Far from Over

The Republic – azcentral.com 5/9/2018: Cults increasingly gain followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

The Chauncey DeVega Show 3/6/2018: podcast episode 178

Salon 3/6/2018: Is Donald Trump a cult leader? Expert says he “fits the stereotypical profile”

CNN 2/13/2018: Are you susceptible to brainwashing?

Southern Poverty Law Center 2/9/18: Anti-LGBT cult leader calls on followers to purchase assault rifles

American Variety Radio Court Lewis 01/4/18: Direct Link

VICE 11/23/17: How a Secret Society That Brands Women Sold Empowerment

CNN/HLN Heaven’s Gate 11/15/17: Episode 5 “The Tape”

WNYT 10/21/17: Boston man provides insights into cults

VICE 8/11/17: How Cults Use YouTube for Recruitment

Rolling Stone 7/19/17: R. Kelly: Was He Really Leading a Cult?

WNPR The Collin McEnroe Show 4/11/17: Secret Governnment Mind Control Experiments (And Other Things Your Tax Dollars Paid For)

7 NEWS WSPA 2/28/2017: Experts weigh in on Word of Faith Fellowship abuse allegations

A&E 1/17/17: Leah Remini: Scientology & the Aftermath, S01 Ep 8

Joe Rogan Experience 8/7/15: Episode 680

CNN 9/17/14: ISIS and Political Cult Phenomenon

FOX25 Boston, 9/5/14: ISIS Recruitment Techniques

The Boston Globe 2/4/97: Steve Hassan’s War on Cults


Slate, Trumpcast, Virginia Heffernan 3/6/20: Trump’s Mind Control Madness. Tactics cults use to lure members

Team Human with Douglas Rushkoff 2/19/20: EP. 148 STEVEN HASSAN “RE-ESTABLISHING CONTACT”

SiriusXM Radio, Dan Rather’s America 2/11/20: Interview archived and available for SiriusXM radio subscribers (on demand)

Mooch and the Mrs. with Anthony and Deidre Scaramucci 1/28/20: “The Cult of Trump” (Episode #72)

Free Speech TV, Rising Up With Sonali 2/5/20: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control

Faraday Speaks, Caleb Cain 2/3/20: Are you in a cult?! Steven Hassan & Faradayspeaks

Rob Kall Bottom-up Show 1/14/20: Steven Hassan Exploring The Cult of Trump and His Supporters

Slate, Trumpcast, Virginia Heffernan 01/9/20: Why People Fall for Trump’s Political Cult: A cult expert weighs in on Trumpism

The Dom Giordano Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Philadelphia: Steven Hassan | Author of ‘The Cult of Trump’

Radio with a View radio show on WMBR 88.1 at MIT 12/15/19: Interview with Marc Stern

Travis View, QAnon Anonymous 12/9/19: Episode 69: Exiting the Cult feat Steven Hassan

Rick Ungar Show 12/3/19: [Interview with Steven Hassan] Highlight

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