LaRouche Movement

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LaRouche Movement

Lyndon LaRouche

Larouche Political Action Committee

Larouche POC


Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Group Description


“In the United States, this organization has gone through several incarnations over the last several decades. Currently it operates as a lobbying organization and runs candidates for Congress and maintains a website. Formerly, it was the United States Labor Party and the National Caucus of Labor Committees. LaRouche ran for President several times. Lyndon LaRouche claims to be the world’s leading economist and has all the solutions to the world’s problems. This organization is international and has candidates running for political office in various other countries, most notably Germany and France.”

 Behavior Control

“Many of the younger members were asked to leave school. Most members have no other source of income other than what is parceled out from fundraising. In some cases, no stipend is given and the member is totally dependent upon the structure of the organization to provide necessities, including food. Daily routine is strictly scheduled beginning with a morning briefing. Most of time spent is in long hours of fundraising on the streets and follow-up phone calls as well as organizing for meetings. Members also engage in “intellectual” activities that encourage the member to reinforce the philosophical doctrine of LaRouche, including reading Larouche’s own writings promptly. The average work day is at least 12-13 hours. Association with family or former friends is highly discouraged and members are made to feel guilty about spending holidays with family. Outside leisure activities are discouraged.”

Information Control

“A daily briefing is produced every day detailing the news events and the particular interpretation of the global strategic situation by LaRouche. The lead of the briefing is supposed to contain the latest message that the group organizes around. At least 2 weekly meetings are held for the leadership where LaRouche gives his speech to the rest of the members which is to be repeated and incorporated in to the next day’s briefing. In addition LaRouche also does this on shows put on the website. According to LaRouche, the global situation is always dominated by the competition between Larouche and his enemies, the British Empire. Members at the headquarters on Purcellville, VA are expected to make several videos a day with this information. Often times the particular spin put on news is supposed to be insider knowlegde given to LaRouche by contacts and therefore cannot be questioned or traced. Field organizers are usually kept so busy so that they could not research it anyway. Spying is definitely encouraged among members. Any demoralization is looked at as a threat and demands an intervention. The fear that there may be an enemy operation run on a member by outsiders or family is exploited when someone expresses doubt. When the doubt is not subject to control, LaRouche will explicitly lie about the person to divert attention.”

Thought Control

“Members are pushed to their physical and psychological limit by the thought that the global economy can disintegrate at any moment or that the British will launch thermonuclear war. This is the reason given for why people cannot leave or do anything other than what is prescribed to them by LaRouche. LaRouche will usually give time frames for when a policy must be passed in order to avert the immediate crisis.”

Emotional Control

“LaRouche uses emotional manipulation regularly. He can never be wrong. When he changes his story it is always the fault of the membership. Any problem that is raised is always blamed on the membership, specifically the older membership of baby boomers. LaRouche blames the entire generation of baby boomers for all the problems in the world since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. He belittles them as a whole and will use specific people as examples of cowardice. This type of belittlement may have been influential in the suicide of one of the long term members. Anyone not with the views of LaRouche is said to be immoral and less than human. Anyone that leaves the organization is considered spiritually dead and is seen to be forfeiting their human claim to immortality.”