Mental Health Professionals

As a mental health professional, you are in a unique position to help your clients recover from undue influence.  Freedom of Mind Resource Center can train you in how to identify dual identities, unlock phobias, and be sensitive to cult-specific triggers and jargon.

Many psychology and social psychology programs teach about related topics (influence, persuasion, cognitive dissonance, trauma, abusive dynamics).  It is rare that a course specifically addresses the issue of undue influence, and how to help those who are affected by it.  We can help you bridge the gaps.

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Law Enforcement

Undue influence is a serious public safety concern.  In addition to the psychological harm it inflicts, it can also lead to human trafficking, violent extremism, financial exploitation, sexual abuse, weapon stockpiling, mass suicides, fraud, and tax dodging.

Law enforcement officials, especially border control officers, need to know how to spot instances of human trafficking.  Understanding undue influence will help you identify potential victims.

To fight violent extremism, you need to understand the tactics they use to recruit, and come up with effective ways to inoculate communities against them.

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Religious Leaders and Teachers

Many people turn to their community religious leaders when they have questions about a concerning group.  Do you know how to spot undue influence?  What advice would you give to a concerned family member?

Steven Hassan teaches you how to identify undue influence and gives you the tools and resources you need to help the individuals and families in your care.  This information can also help you find ways to make your own organization more healthy, ethical, supportive, transparent, and accountable.

To learn more read Combating Cult Mind Control  which explores cult psychology, curing the mind control virus, how to protect people you care about and strategies for recovery.

Contact us to inquire about setting up a training workshop for your organization.

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