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Child-Friendly Faith Project Conference November 8, 2013

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When Janet approached me with her book, Breaking Their Will, and the Child-Friendly Faith Project, she asked me to join the Board of Advisors which I happily agreed to do. The Child-Friendly Faith Project (CFFP) is a non-profit organization focused on ending child abuse and neglect within religion affiliated groups by educating the public on the impact that these religious, cultural, and spiritual beliefs have on children. CFFP is holding a conference November 8th in Austin, TX to help educate the public on child maltreatment within religious organizations. There will be a variety of experts in attendance [...]

Protect Americans from Terrorism- Looking Beyond Boston Marathon Bombings

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What can we do to protect the American public from attacks like the one that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Some have suggested increasing surveillance—more police and cameras in our nation's cities. Others have emphasized the need for greater scrutiny of terrorist lists here and abroad. While directing our attention outwards—putting more eyes on the street—we need also to take a closer look inside the minds of the two young men who carried out the massacre. Of all the questions raised by their attack, none has been more baffling than that of motivation: What could [...]

Freedom of Mind is the True Basis of Religious Freedom

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Freedom of mind is the true basis of religious freedom. The death of Sun Myung Moon (2012) presented a rare—and largely missed—opportunity to open a real public conversation about the way that high-demand groups, such as cults, exert their influence over people’s minds and behaviors. Moon was the epitome of a cult leader during the 1970s—his followers were even known as ‘Moonies.’ I was one of them. I was a college sophomore when I was deceptively lured into the group: three attractive young women invited me to join them for ‘philosophical discussions.’ I would use the same deceptions and [...]