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Executive Success Programs

Affiliated Organizations



Consumers Buyline


Keith Raniere


Key People:

Keith Raniere (founder)

Nancy Salzman (president)

Allison Mack

Clare Bronfman (funder)

Group Description

NXIVM is an American company based near Albany, New York. It was led by Keith Raniere who earlier ran a multi-marketing company, Consumers Buyline, which was shut down by some 20 Attorneys General for being a pyramid scheme. Raniere paid a $40,000 fine and consented to a permanent ban from any chain distribution schemes.

Evidently, this did not stop him from starting a kind of coaching MLM and in 1998, NXIVM was founded purportedly as a personal and professional development company by offering “Executive Success Programs” and coaching. Within the group, Raniere created a secret society called “DOS” which promised for women’s empowerment (an acronym for a Latin phrase for a master/slave relationship.) Another entity, “Jness” was an all-female subgroup which indoctrinated women to believe that men needed to be polyamorous and women needed to be devoted to their man. Setting them up for the man they call Vanguard, Raniere.

Raniere posed as a mentor for women but in actuality, he preyed on them.