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Opioid Epidemic–Narconon: Scientology is Not a Treatment

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The opioid epidemic in the United States is claiming more lives than ever. Recent data estimates that 59,000 Americans died from drug-related causes in 2016. And, the estimate for 2017 is even higher. Much of this can be attributed to opioid addiction which often starts with dependency on prescribed painkillers that leads to abuse and illegal [...]

Mooniverse (My Former Cult) is Attempting a Reboot

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Forty-one years ago today, I was deprogrammed from the cult of Sun Myung Moon. Many of you may not be familiar with the Unification Church, AKA the “Moonies.”  The church and its many front groups and related organizations have not been in the news as much recently.  They lost a lot of their American membership after [...]

Exclusive 71 Page List of Entities Closely Associated with Sun Myung Moon

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Download this full document with footnotes. This is the latest revision of a list originally created in June 1981 by the Ex-Moon Organization. The list contains the names of companies owned, operated, and/or controlled by the Moon organization or Moon followers and has been compiled by us on the basis of information presently available to us. [...]