Unethical Use of Covert Hypnosis to Rape

Earlier this month, former Ohio divorce attorney Michael W. Fine pleaded guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping. His crimes were not typical. Instead of using brute physical force, Fine used hypnosis.

In court documents Fine was accused of hypnotizing female clients for sexual purposes. According to my information, the first victim to step forward, Jane Doe 1, initially contacted police with her suspicions of sexual assault after she noticed she was unable to recall large portions of her time in meetings with Fine and that her clothes and bra were out of place after seeing him. At first, the police dismissed her complaints, advising her to simply find a new lawyer. However, Doe 1 persisted and allowed herself to be abused by Fine again so she could record what happened. After providing the recording to police and receiving the corroboration of a second victim, Jane Doe 2, the claims against Fine were examined more thoroughly and an investigation was opened. Eventually, Doe 1 helped police catch Fine in the act by wearing a listening device during a meeting. Law enforcement was able to hear and video record Fine using hypnotic techniques on his victim and catch him in the act before she was once again sexually assaulted.

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