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Introduction: This group is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate which seeks to establish a one world theocratic government run by Sun Myung Moon, the presumed new messiah . It has a wide variety of front groups: religious fronts; political fronts; media fronts; social and cultural fronts; recruiting fronts; Educational fronts; and business fronts. The Moon organization has a long and documented history of controversy which includes systematic deception, separating new members from their families and friends, intensive mind control indoctrination and shady business and political dealings. Despite it wealth and power, it is interesting to note that burdensome members are sometimes discarded, penniless, after long years of dedication and service. These people were promised that they would be taken of for the rest of their life, but when illness or misfortune strikes them, they are often instructed to fend for themselves.

History of Organization: This group was founded in 1954 by North Korean, Sun Myung Moon who claims that Jesus came to him when he was 16 and asked him to fulfill his mission on earth. In reality, information is now coming forth from Korea and Japan which show that Moon himself was involved with two cult-like groups and split off and stole much of the other group s teachings. According to one of Moon s earliest disciples, Moon was involved with a Mr. Young Do Lee (group name is unknown) and Mr. Baek Moon Kim of the Monastery of Israel when in South Korea. It is claimed that Moon took much of his teaching, The Divine Principle from Mr. Kim s books, The Theology of Spirituality, and Basic Principles .

Kim’s writings included the Principles of Creation, the Fall, and Restoration. It was only after the 1961 coup of Park Chung Hee, that the CIA helped to set up the KCIA. Colonel Bo Hi Pak was the CIA-KCIA liaison man in the Washington embassy of the South Korean government and is Moon’s chief translator and right hand man- on the board of many of the multi-million dollar operations.

Reportedly, Moon’s organization Victory Over Communism (VOC) was a primary tool of several South Korean dictators to politically re-educate South Korean dissidents who foolishly believed in democracy. Perhaps, Moon was just a way to try to counter North Korean brainwashing tactics during the cold war. It was proven that Moon owned a factory which manufactured M16s, and other weapons of war which only the South Korean Ministry of Defense was licensed to make.

When the anti-Vietnam protest movement grew in the United States, the Moonies, under the front group American Youth for a Just Peace was set up with some additional money coming from Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President organization. Convicted Watergate conspirator Charles Colson gave some three thousand dollars to Allen Tate Wood, who was a Moonie leader at the time. Later, hundreds of Moonies were used in a three day fast for Nixon on the Capitol steps in an attempt to influence public opinion during the exposure of Watergate misdeeds. Since that time, the Moon organization has continually tried to court and influence the conservative right. An August 1997 article in the Consortium reveals the involvement with Oliver North as well as Jerry Falwell. It is interesting to note that with the fall of Russian communism, the Moonies have been actively recruiting there as well as throughout South America.

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