Errant Belief #10: “We Have Lost Hope”

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Have a Positive Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Not a Negative One   In my opinion, giving up hope is a dysfunctional coping mechanism to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, it suggests incorrectly that there is nothing constructive that can be done.  If family members and friends no longer believe that the person will reestablish contact (if they have [...]

Errant Belief #4: “He’s an Adult. We Have No Right to Interfere.”

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Undue Influence Undermines Autonomy It is completely understandable that people might resist any request to help a person who has been unduly influenced. The person might say, "Why should I?  They are an adult.  I don't think it is right to interfere with their decision."  If the person isn't asking for help, why get involved?  Americans [...]

Opioid Epidemic–Narconon: Scientology is Not a Treatment

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The opioid epidemic in the United States is claiming more lives than ever. Recent data estimates that 59,000 Americans died from drug-related causes in 2016. And, the estimate for 2017 is even higher. Much of this can be attributed to opioid addiction which often starts with dependency on prescribed painkillers that leads to abuse and illegal [...]

Parental Alienation Harms Children by Using Undue Influence

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This past week, a very important legal custody case was decided which involves Infowars’ Alex Jones and his ex-wife Kelly. Kelly Jones was able to successfully show that her children had been turned against her and unduly influenced by Alex Jones. The judge awarded her the power to decide where her children will live from now [...]

For Ex-Members: Surviving the Holidays

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  For many people, family-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are loving, happy times: baking, singing, playing games, decorating, sleeping in, giving gifts, and spending time with family and friends.   However, for former members of “high-demand” groups, it can be a very difficult time. Especially for those with family members still involved with the group, [...]

Raising Awareness About Institutional Abuse of Children and Their Parents

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  Being a parent is perhaps the most difficult role a person can fill. It can be quite demanding to properly raise and nurture our children from infancy to adulthood.  Some kids however, present more of a challenge than others.  When a child is suffering from mental illness, is defiant, becomes violent, or develops an addiction [...]

Cult Survivors Need Compassion and Help to Recover

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  On Thursday, news broke that another of the missing Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamist extremist cult Boko Haram two years ago has been found. The second in just as many days, she is being hailed officially by the authorities of Nigeria as a success story and paraded in front of the media as proof [...]

My Waking Up Day- 40 Years Later- I am Filled with Gratitude!

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A recent photo of Gladys Gonzalez, myself, and Nestor Garcia M.D. May 11th 1976 was the day. After five days of deprogramming, I “woke up” and emerged from being a “model Moonie” and leader to a very upset, confused, angry, ashamed self. A team of four people hired by my parents: Nestor Garcia, Michael [...]

Reaching Out: Communicating After Cult Exit

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  I am often approached by concerned family members of adult cult members who need help. I work with the family by coaching them to use my Strategic Interactive Approach. This involves teaching them how to employ an ethical influence campaign based on compassion, and designed to help the cult member question the group’s leader, doctrine, [...]