The Cult of Trump Book is Published!

My fourth book, The Cult of Trump, is finally out and on bookstore shelves everywhere. I have been receiving selfies from friends all over. If you are at a bookstore with the book, snap a selfie and share it! For those who prefer to listen to books, please be aware that I was able to read the audiobook. People who have been listening to the book say I did a really good job. After all this effort, it is truly gratifying to hear from people how important they think the book truly is. Many have told me that they never understood with so much clarity how much cult leader personality as well as cult psychology was at work in the Administration. They told me the book has really offered them a handle on not only understanding what is happening politically but they also learned specific strategies for how to make things better. The book has the potential to not only to help heal our country but also other nations around the world.

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