The Moonies and TM Attempt to Reinvent Themselves

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*blog updated March 2, 2018* Both Have Missions to Recruit True Believers to Take Over the World Having exited the Moonies in 1976, following an intervention performed at the request of my family, I have been so grateful to regain my life.  I refer to the group as "the Moonies," because when I was a member, the [...]

Former leader of white supremacy group and docuseries exposing hate needs to be aired!

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Meet my friend, Arno Michaelis.   He founded a hate band and was responsible for recruiting people into the cult of white supremacists. Like me, he has left that, and dedicated himself to educating people and helping people exit terrorist hate groups. Check out this Youtube video: Arno Michaelis · My Life After Hate: From There to Here [...]

Kim Jong Un and North Korea: Can we learn from Jim Jones and David Koresh?

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The cult leader of North Korea seems to be threatening Donald Trump and the United States. This week, Trump spoke to an audience in Poland stating he was considering, "some pretty severe things," when it comes to the threat of North Korea. This is something that concerns me deeply. As I have written before, I believe [...]

North Korea: Hopefully Not a Potential Global Waco?

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When it comes to North Korea, the Trump administration has been quick to rattle sabers regarding the threat of nuclear missile testing although it turned out the Naval Armada was traveling in another direction for maneuvers in the Indian Ocean. Fortunately, the last big North Korean missile launch was another flop–some news sources cite possible secret [...]

Confusion Techniques Can Control Minds

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    Ever since Trump became a serious contender for the White House, and especially in recent days since he was sworn into office, confusion reigns. How can he say these things? How can he lie like that? Isn’t he completely contradicting what he promised during his campaign? Then when confronted, Trump lambasts the critical press [...]

Coping with Post-Election Stress

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  It has been a little over a week since Donald Trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college delegates needed for the 2016 Presidential election.  Civil rights groups have reported hundreds of hate crimes against women, racial minorities, and Muslims.  Trump supporters have also reported harassment and violence against them.  (I highly recommend [...]

A Call to Activism

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From Combating Cult Mind Control (2015) I am still recovering from shock and dismay over the results of the 2016 American presidential election.  I still stand by my appraisal of Donald Trump as a person who holds the stereotypical characteristics of a cult leader. Now that he is America’s President-elect, we have an even greater opportunity [...]

Does Trump Display the Stereotypical Profile of a Cult Leader?

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  There are many reasons to be saddened, disgusted, confused, outraged, scared, and even traumatized by Trump’s presidential campaign. He has just declared a “scorched earth policy” and is saying there is an “international conspiracy that is persecuting him” and he is just a “martyr for the cause of America.” In studying cults and their leaders [...]

Roger Ailes, FOX News, Right-Wing Talk Shows, and Undue Influence Techniques

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    Fox News channel boss Roger Ailes was recently forced to resign amid allegations of sexual harassment.  The suit, filed by Gretchen Carlson, has opened up a window into what was apparently a pervasive work culture of discrimination, intimidation, and harassment.  Back in 1996, Roger Ailes teamed up with Rupert Murdoch to create Fox News [...]

Donald Trump Is Not Fit to Be President of the U.S.

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Donald Trump is now the official Republican nominee for President of the United States. A year ago, his run for office seemed like a practical joke. However, now it is clear beyond all rationality, that there are powerful, wealthy, influential people backing him. I am worried. As an expert on cults and other high-control groups, [...]