The Moonies and TM Attempt to Reinvent Themselves

Having exited the Moonies in 1976, following an intervention performed at the request of my family, I have been so grateful to regain my life. I refer to the group as “the Moonies,” because when I was a member, the term was initially coined and Sun Myung Moon loved the term. We even wore tee-shirts and had mugs made with “I Heart the Moonies.” When Moon was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the Federal government and filing false income taxes, resulting in 13 months jail time, a PR campaign ensued costing, from my recollection, an estimated 30 million dollars. This branded Moon as a persecuted preacher from Korea. They started criticizing anyone who used the term Moonies and referred to the term as the “n” word used with African-Americans. Not. I do not wish to play by their propaganda rules.

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