Robert Jay Lifton MD: An Interview with a Genius

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  As this year marks the 40th anniversary of the day I left the Moonies, I want to take some time to acknowledge an individual who played an important role in my personal and professional development. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the famous psychiatrist and my mentor, Robert Jay Lifton.  I was first introduced [...]

An Introduction to Steve Guziec

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Guest Blog by Steve Guziec   ​ Update: As of January 2018, Steve Guziec is no longer working with Freedom of Mind Resource Center.  He wished to take his life in a new direction and we wish him the very best in his academic and life pursuits. I'm so excited to be working with Steven Hassan and [...]

Heal Yourself First, Then Help Others

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  May 11, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of my waking up from cult mind control: day five of a deprogramming initiated by my family after I nearly died in van crash. You see, at age 19, I was deceptively recruited into a front group of the Moon cult. I was transformed into a different person [...]